BRING Recycling Paving & Bioswale Project

  • Project Type: Pollution Prevention and Resource Efficiency
  • Date Submitted: October 2, 2007
  • Project Location: N/A
  • Estimated Cost: Phase 1: $15,000; Phase 2: $45,000
Project Description
BRING Recycling needs to pave a large, dirt parking lot / roadway / retail area at the new Planet Improvement Center to accommodate trucks, heavy equipment and retail customers. A bioswale will handle all storm water run-off from the paved area. Funds would be used for design / engineering ($15,000); paving ($45,000); and bioswale construction ($45,000).

Expected Environmental Benefit
The paving project will improve air quality by reducing dust emissions. Additionally, all run-off from the paved area will be contained in a bioswale, which cleans and cools storm water onsite, protecting fish habitat in the nearby Willamette River. The bioswale / paved area system will provide a model of environmentally-friendly development at our new sustainable building and learning center in Glenwood.