Oakridge Warm Homes / Clean Air Woodstove Fund

  • Project Type: Pollution Reduction
  • Date Submitted: N/A
  • Project Location: Lane County (Oakridge)
  • Estimated Cost: Any Amount - Revolving Account
Project Description
The City of Oakridge has set up a revolving account that will fund projects to lower PM 2.5 emissions and help bring the city into attainment. Projects include, but are not limited to, the replacement of residents’ wood stoves with more efficient and cleaner burning units or oil / propane / electric systems. Wood stoves replaced under this program are disposed of at Oakridge Public Works for guaranteed disposal.

Expected Environmental Benefit
PM2.5 reductions in the Oakridge area. Oakridge is expected to fail to meet the revised PM2.5 standards. This on-going project will reduce particulate in the community, thereby improving community health.