Public Education

public education
LRAPA believes that public education is an integral part of any program if lasting behavioral changes to reduce air pollution are to occur. The Public Affairs section implements the public education program for the agency, which has been designed to match priorities established through a strategic planning process adopted by the LRAPA Board of Directors.

Providing Education to the Community
The agency provides education to the community in a number of different ways, including partnering with local private and public entities; producing written materials such as brochures and fact sheets, making presentations to service-clubs, professional associations and schools; and participating in local fairs and trade shows.

LRAPA's Annual Report
This report provides a good overview of the agency, and describes the organization and its programs, national ambient air quality standards, local air quality issues, and historical monitoring and statistical data.

Educating Youth
Educating youth is another important aspect of LRAPA's public education goals. The agency's School Outreach program is one way LRAPA introduces students to the concepts of air pollution. LRAPA also offers pollution-related display materials for use in classrooms, libraries and other venues. LRAPA's Kid Zone provides links to other air quality websites designed for kids, as well.

Understanding How to Keep the Air Clean
LRAPA also has several public education programs designed to help the community better understand ways they can help keep the air clean. Programs such as the agency's Home Wood Heating Program, Backyard Burning Program and Air Action Day Program all help to better educate the community about local air-quality issues and how they can help keep the air clean.