Project Types

The following types of projects are appropriate for SEPs. (See the SEP Idea Bank for some project ideas.)
  • Pollution Prevention and Resource Efficiency - Provide for better environmental protection, such as reducing the source of waste and emissions; ensuring more efficient use of raw materials, energy and water; and converting to greener technologies, products or services.
  • Pollution Reduction - Reduce pollution at a facility beyond current requirements by providing better treatment, control or disposal of an air pollutant.
  • Green Schools - Provide resources or assistance to help schools improve their indoor air quality, reduce waste, save energy or minimize emissions from bus fleets.
  • Environmental Restoration and Protection - Improve or restore the physical quality of the air damaged by environmental contamination.
  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness - Provide assistance to a responsible state or local emergency response or planning organization to enable these organizations to prepare for and respond to environmental emergencies, such as accidental air releases.
  • Technical Assistance and Outreach - Facilitate technical support or training for other facilities to help improve environmental performance, such as energy audits, pollution prevention assessments, green design seminars and compliance assistance workshops.
  • Environmental Education and Public Awareness - Contribute environmental education resources or provide for other environmental educational assistance to educators, such as teacher training and professional development programs. Conduct a public awareness program, campaign or event that promotes greater citizen or community involvement in environmental air qualify stewardship activities.
  • Community Clean-Up Projects - Provide assistance to communities to help reduce local air quality issues, such as contributing to a wood stove change-out program.
  • Other - Other acceptable SEPs include those that have environmental air quality improvement merit but do not fit within the categories listed above.