Idea Bank

Pollution Prevention & Resource Efficiency
  • At schools, libraries, municipal buildings, hospitals, etc.:
    • Conduct an energy audit
    • Purchase and install solar panels
    • Purchase and install day-lighting systems
  • Sponsor a pollution prevention workshop for local businesses
  • At facilities that may be subject to a SEP agreement:
    • Utilize less-dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process
  • Pave parking lots to control fugitive dust emissions
  • Pave roadways to control fugitive dust emissions
Pollution Reduction
  • At facilities that may be subject to a SEP agreement, utilize better treatment and control technologies that go beyond current requirements to reduce the amount of pollution released
  • Sponsor a community wood stove replacement program
  • Purchase emission reduction equipment for local diesel delivery trucks, garbage haulers, school buses
Green Schools
  • Purchase and install pollution control devices and/or cleaner fuels for local school buses
  • Assist a school in recycling outdated laboratory chemicals
Emergency Planning & Preparedness
  • Provide funds for hazardous materials training and backup coverage for local fire departments and other special response teams.
  • Purchase monitoring equipment
Technical Assistance & Outreach
  • Develop an environmental program that provides compliance assistance and energy efficiency training to local small businesses
  • Sponsor an environmental management system workshop for businesses
  • Fund environmental compliance audits for local institutions
  • Support the demonstration of an emerging environmental technology at a local facility
  • Sponsor a retired engineer or college graduate student to work on an environmental project at a local school or hospital
Environmental Education & Public Awareness
  • Provide for environmental education materials and/or training for K-12 teachers in the region
  • Purchase media campaign to educate community about local air quality issues
  • Sponsor a program that recognizes outstanding local environmental projects
  • Fund school field trips to local recycling businesses, landfills, water treatment plants, or waste water treatment plants
  • Build an outdoor environmental learning project
  • Sponsor participation at an ecology / environment workshop or camp