Oakridge Chipping Program

  • Project Type: Pollution Prevention and Resource Efficiency
  • Date Submitted: July 2020
  • Project Location: Oakridge
  • Estimated Cost: $5,000

Project Description

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – a respiratory infection – impacting communities in 2020 places a higher need for alternatives to burning for removing yard debris in the Oakrdige/Westfir Airshed. Instead of burning the green, wet piles of wood, the City of Oakridge is offering free chipping services for their residents. The chipper is owned by the City and the City is looking to hire temporary employees to run the program come fall and spring.

Expected Environmental Benefit

By chipping the woody debris, it will prevent the need for burn piles. Oakridge is a non-attainment area struggling to meet the federal PM 2.5 standards and any preventative measures to limit burning will help clean the Oakridge airshed. Burning of live, green limbs also creates more noxious smoke than dry piles. Chipping will guarantee the mitigation of unnecessary smoke into the airshed.