Yellow is a Warning

You wouldn't run a red light, would you? Don't burn on a Red advisory! It means air quality is very poor and unhealthy for people with respiratory issues!
WARNING! Home Wood Heating!
You can prevent Red advisory days from triggering if you limit emissions on Yellow advisory days!
Yellow advisory days are cautionary days that indicate that a Red advisory may be coming.

How are advisories forecasted?
Forecasting requires three main components that our data analysis experts monitor on a daily basis: weather, particulate matter levels, and ventilation.

If high pressure, low ventilation weather with low temperatures are predicted, it is likely a yellow advisory will be issued. If particulate matter counts are also high, it could trigger red advisories.

How do we avoid having more red advisories?
When yellow advisories are issued, you can do your part to ensure that particulate levels do not rise. Avoid wood burning if possible. If you have other sources of heat, please use those until ventilation improves and the air is clean enough for wood burning.

I can't afford alternatives, what do I do?
We understand that for some people, wood burning is the most economic way to heat your home and keep your family warm. If you fit this description, please apply for an economic exemption in advance. These are annual exemption forms and must be re-applied each year. For Eugene/Springfield residents, the exemptions can be filed at our office and the form can be found here. For Oakridge residents, the exemptions must be filed at Oakridge City Hall and the form can be found here.

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