Registered Sources

Title 34, Section 34-025

(1) Any air contaminant source which is not subject to the Air Contaminant Discharge Permits, LRAPA title 37, or the Oregon Title V Operating Permits, OAR division 218, must register with LRAPA upon request pursuant to 34-030(1) through (4).
(2) The following sources that are certified through an LRAPA approved environmental certification program and subject to an Area Source NESHAP may register with LRAPA pursuant to 34-030 in lieu of obtaining a permit in accordance with 37-0020, unless LRAPA determines that the source has not complied with the requirements of the environmental certification program.
(a)   Motor vehicle surface coating operations.
(b)   Dry cleaners using perchloroethylene.
(3) Approved environmental certification program. To be approved, the environmental certification program must, at a minimum, require certified sources to comply with all applicable state and federal rules and regulations and require additional measures to increase environmental protection.
(4) Fees. In order to obtain and maintain registration, owners and operators of sources registered pursuant to subsection (2) must pay the applicable fees in title 37 Table 2 by March 1 of each year:
(a)  Failure to pay fees. Registration is automatically terminated upon failure to pay annual fees within 90 days of invoice by LRAPA, unless prior arrangements for payment have been approved in writing by LRAPA.
(5) Recordkeeping. In order to maintain registration, owners and operators of sources registered pursuant to subsection (2) must maintain records required by the approved environmental performance program under subsection (3). The records must be kept on site and in a form suitable and readily available for expeditious inspection and review.
(6) The owner or operator of an air contaminant source that is subject to a federal NSPS or NESHAP in 40 CFR part 60 or 40 CFR part 63 and that is not located at a source that is required to obtain a permit under title 37 (Air Contaminant Discharge Permits) or OAR 340 division 218 (Oregon Title V Operating Permits), must register and maintain registration with LRAPA pursuant to section 34-030 if requested in writing by LRAPA (or by EPA at LRAPA’s request).
(7)    Revocation. LRAPA may revoke a registration if a source fails to meet any requirement in 34-030.

Registered Auto Body / Surface Coating Facilities

Source Number Facility Registration Letter (PDF)
208296 Todd's Auto Body, Inc. Letter

Registered Dry Cleaners and Compliance Calendar

Source Number Facility Registration Letter (PDF)
205191 Master Cleaners Letter
207544 Shola's Quality Plus Cleaners Letter
Compliance Calendar    
2022 Calendar 2022 Air Quality Compliance Calendar for 
Dry Cleaning Facilities in Lane County, Oregon
Calendar PDF