Budget Committee


The committee generally meets twice in the spring, usually March and April. The committee can meet in May if unable to approve a budget in April.

The LRAPA Budget Committee consists of the LRAPA Board of Directors, plus 9 board-appointed citizens representing the same jurisdictions as the board members.

Appointed Members FY 2022/2023 

  • Steve Schmunk
  • Ruth Linoz
  • Iva Pfeifer
      Cottage Grove
  • Dawn Kinyon
  • Marianne Dugan

  • Adam Rue
  • Lisa Arkin
  • Dylan Plummer
  • Michelle Webber
     Lane County

Committee Overview
The board meets to review and approve LRAPA's proposed budget document (usually in April, but potentially in May if needed) for referral to the Board of Directors for public hearing and adoption at the Board's May or June meeting.