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  1. Red Day Alert Form

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Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Request

  1. Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Request

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) generally provides that any person has the right to request access to federal, state, or local... More…

Non-discrimination Complaint Form

  1. Formulario de queja de no discriminación

    Si cree que ha sido discriminado con respecto a un programa o actividad de LRAPA, puede comunicarse con Travis Knudsen, Gerente de... More…

  1. LRAPA Non-Discrimination Complaint

    If you believe that you have been discriminated against with respect to an LRAPA program or activity, you may contact Travis Knudsen,... More…

Online Complaint

  1. Online Complaint Form / Formulario para entregar una queja ambiental

    Complaints may also be made by calling LRAPA's Complaint Line at 541-726-1930. También, se puede entregar quejas ambientales por... More…