Electric Vehicle Program

​Workplace Charging

LRAPA provides free charging for employees’ plug-in electric vehicles and for people who come to our Main St. building for business. As an ambassador agency for the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge, LRAPA seeks to promote using zero-emission vehicles to commute to and from work. LRAPA currently has three level-2 charging stations, one for the agency’s fleet use and two for the workplace charging and general public use. For more information, please contact our office directly or visit our charging station info on Plugshare.com.

Fleet Replacement

Currently, the agency fleet is made up of eight vehicles: two Toyota hybrid sedans, two 4WD SUVs, one van, two pick-ups, and one BEV sedan.  LRAPA is committed to carefully evaluate plug-in electric vehicles for all future fleet purchases and leases whenever appropriate. This progression has us on track to maintain at least a 10% ZEV for all new fleet vehicle purchases and leases by the end of 2016. 

Events and Education

LRAPA is committed to promoting and exemplifying the use of electric vehicles, especially for fleet use. We participate in many outreach and education events annually, where we can bring our electric vehicle for the public to view and experience. Some of those include events such as: BRING Home and Garden Tour; Science Factory’s Transportation Expo; Drive Electric Week; and other community events. 


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